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Subscription Family for the Cat’s Family Educational Games Platform
Online educational games with player management and statistics.
Online platform, secure, accessible to tablets, telephones, computers and computer networks. 

This license is valid only for a family, in a personal setting. 
The license entitles the creation of 2 administrators and 4 players.
Access to the license is available within 48 hours, sent by email (attention, the mail can be passed through spams).

The platform contains more than 120 games and quizzes online, mainly in French and mathematics, but also in English, Tagalog and music.
The games are classified by thema and/or level:
- Reading (all levels)
- French Cycle 2
- Mathematics Cycle 2
- French conjugation and grammar Cycle 3
- French spelling and vocabulary Cycle 3
- Mathematics Cycle 3
- French Middle school
- Mathematics Middle School
- Memory, observation and logic
- Music
- English
- Tagalog
Example of games: quiz, archery contest, attack of the castle, defend the city, hidden words, paths of words, shots on goal, piano game...
3 graphic universes are offered on the platform: knights, pirates, sports. The quizzes and memorys are available in these 3 universes, the majority of other games are only available in one universe. The games are about sport, with attractive graphics and various principles: quiz, paths, shots on goal, throwing balls, number to be classified, number to write...

To see game screens or learn more about the platform.
You can test for free the platform and without email with the login "joueur.petit" and the password "joueur" : you have access to more than 20 games.

The Cat’s Family edition offers an educational subscription platform for the world of education.
The platform adapts to the different screen sizes, is in French and English, and offers the same language as the browser.
The platform has two important parts:
- the games part, which allows players to test their knowledge in a fun and efficient way;
- the administration part, which allows administrators to manage groups and players, modify the profiles, and be able to track the progress of each player using statistics giving the date, the time of the game, the level, the thema, the quiz number and the numbers of the questions not passed (for the quiz) with the possibility of exporting data in pdf.

Design: François Petit
Illustrations : Ronnel Pascua and Irene Mark Gilo
Programming :Nicolas Gaillet and Anamul Noyen

Attention: there may be display errors depending on the browser used.
The minimum versions of supported internet browsers are:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 10+, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome 43+, Mozilla Firefox 45+, Opera 27+, Safari 9+
For tablets:
Google Chrome 43+, Mozilla Firefox Mobile 45+, Opera Mobile 18+, Safari iOS 9+, Edge 12+

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